Sharecare Top 5: Tips to Survive Cold and Flu Season, HIV Must-Know Facts, and 7 Yoga Poses You Can Do On an Airplane

sick woman allergies sneeze tissue
This week on Sharecare we’re giving you pointers to avoid getting a cold or the flu, helping you to stay limber and relaxed during your holiday travels, and filling you in on the latest news about HIV.

1. Taking to the air this holiday season? Fight the stiffness that comes with flying in a cramped seat with these simple yoga moves that can be done on an airplane – even in economy!

2. It’s that time of the year again – and we don’t mean Thanksgiving. ‘Tis the season for runny noses, hacking coughs and scratchy throats — but you don’t have to be the next victim. Protect yourself against cold and flu viruses with these virus-busting tips.

3. If you or a loved one is living with rheumatoid arthritis, you’re familiar with the swollen, achy joints that come with the disease. But did you know that RA could also elevate your heart disease risk? Learn what you can do to protect your heart.

4. Strokes – a.k.a brain attacks – can be sudden and scary. But about 80% of strokes are preventable with little lifestyle changes that boost your health. Discover five easy ways to reduce your stroke risk.

5. News that actor Charlie Sheen has HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is making headlines. Here’s what you need to know about HIV, including how to prevent it, recognize symptoms and learn about treatment options for a long, healthy life.