Sharecare Top 5: What You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer, Your Child and the ER, the Power of Positive Thinking and More


On Sharecare this week, we’re filling you in on ways to prevent ovarian cancer, how to create an emergency caregiver plan, and the perks of seeing the glass as half full. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. September marks the beginning of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. From lowering risk factors to prevention and early detection, here are the top five things every woman needs to know about ovarian cancer.

2. Do you know what paperwork to leave with your caregiver when you’re away? Use this checklist as a guide to ensure that – in the event of an emergency – your child can get the best and fullest care possible.

3. Just reminding yourself to think more positively is often all it takes to be happier, science says. Find out how you can roll back your RealAge, increase your happiness quotient and live a longer life with these six ways optimism boosts your health.

4. Some of your favorite fruits can help nourish your skin, prevent wrinkles and even provide extra sun protection. Watch this short video as Barbara Ficarra, RN, explains which three delicious fruits can help boost your skin health.

5. Dating news for men: A recent study found that the taller you are, the safer she feels. But the truth is, there’s a lot more to attraction than height. Whether you’re short or tall, find out what you can do to win her over with these two ways to get her attention.