Sharecare Top 5: When to Exercise, Read Your Pee and More

Here’s what health-seekers on Sharecare were interested in this week:

 1. Well-timed Workouts: Whether you should get your fitness fix in the morning, evening, or some time in between depends on a variety of factors, including what type of exercise you’re doing and what your goals are, say Sharecare fitness experts. Learn the best times to exercise.

2. Tinkle Trivia: Did you know that the color, consistency and smell of your urine can hold clues to your health? For instance, bubbly pee can be a sign of diabetes. So take a sec to check yours out before you flush – but first find out what you’re looking for by taking Sharecare’s “What’s Your Pee Telling You?” quiz. Test your “number one” knowledge.

3. Like Water for Weight Loss : There are plenty of so-called diet potions out there, but the most effective (and cheapest!) is good old H2O. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you drop pounds – especially if you order yours on the rocks, according to Mehmet Oz, MDFind out how drinking water will help you lose weight.

4. Health Battle of the Sexes: Did you know that besides the obvious, there are a variety of health differences between the sexes? For instance, since caveman (or cavewoman, if you will) days, females have had better peripheral vision, and men have had better straight-on vision. Learn more about how gender affects health by taking Sharecare’s Women vs. Men quiz.

 5. Muscle Pain? Roll With It! Nothing feels better when your body’s tight and achy than a good massage, but that takes time (and money). Just as good as an hour-long rub-down? A 15-minute rollout! Sharecare fitness experts swear by foam rollers  – foam-covered cylinders that you can use to apply tension-easing pressure to muscle knots and kinks. Get tips for easing aches with a foam roller.

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