Sharecare Top 5: Winter Beauty Savers

Woman in mountainsCloudy skies, wet weather and frigid days make it harder to look and feel your best during winter months. But it can be done! Check out these five tips from Sharecare to help you stay as beautiful and bright as springtime – even if it’s freezing outside. Think you’re already a pro? Test your smarts with our quiz, Winter Beauty Woes.

1. Nurture Your Skin: Your skin protects you from viruses, chemicals and other elements in your environment. Cracked heels and chafed elbows are signs that your skin needs extra love. Visit the Sharecare Skin and Beauty Center to find out ways to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

2. Beat the Frizz: Harsh weather and overheated rooms can add up to dried-out, damage hair. Take our quiz, “Hair Mistakes that Age You” to learn how to tame the friz. Got an extra 30 minutes at home? Try this honey hair mask for extra moisture.

3. Protect Your Lips: Got chapped lips? Sharecare expert and dermatologist Audrey Kunin, MD, reveals what ingredients to look for in lip balms.

4. Eat for Smoother, Healthier Skin: What you put in your body is just as important for your skin as what you put on it. With the harsh winter elements working against you, it’s only right to guard your skin in as many healthy ways as you can.  Watch the video from Dr. Oz to learn which foods can help give you that summertime glow even in the winter.

5. Give Your Nails Some TLC: Your hands and nails are exposed to so many hazards, the freezing winter weather being just one. Your nails can signal potential health problems, so pay special attention to changes in color, markings or texture. And learn to love your nails and keep them looking great, despite their heavy workload.