Sharecare Top 5: Worst Work Habits for Your Health, 6 Everyday Eating Mistakes, Get Fit Fast Challenge, and More

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Boost your wellbeing with Sharecare’s latest health tips:

1. From cubicle clutter to sweating the small stuff, some work habits can wreak havoc on your health. Find out which ones to avoid, plus learn ways to work smarter.

2. Tap into the motivation you need to shed winter flab and tone allover with our Get Fit Fast Challenge. Short, fun workout videos from our team of celebrity trainers will get you started!

3. Are you spending more cash than you’d like on face creams and anti-aging lotions? Save money and get smooth, supple skin with this food staple found right in your pantry.

4. Some “healthy” eating habits can interfere with weight loss or – even worse – make you gain weight. See if you’re making any of these six common diet mistakes — and learn how to fix them.

5. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how obesity doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. So what’s the deal? Your favorite doctors, Mehmet Oz, MD and Mike Roizen, MD, MD explain.