Sharecare Top 5: Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet Guide, Stress-Busting Yoga Moves and a Quick Tip to Boost Memory

forward bend yoga pose

On Sharecare we’re giving you the latest update on this nasty cold and flu season, sharing the best yoga stretches to de-stress and helping you eat right to prevent inflammation.

1. Are your stress levels through the roof? Yoga can help. Tame your tension and breathe easier with these seven poses.

2. Take control of your health with an anti-inflammatory diet. This step-by-step eating plan is easy to follow and tastes great, too.

3. Debating whether you should get the flu shot? Despite a 23% vaccine effectiveness rate this year, experts still recommend it. Find out why.

4. Men, there are plenty of reasons to get excited for some romance in bedroom – including some surprising health perks. Discover the top health benefits of sex.

5. If you’re looking to sharpen your brain and boost your memory, learn how a small dose of curiosity – and a handful of dark chocolate – may help.