Sharecare Top 5: Sex Tips, Zit Myths, Healing Fruit and More

Here’s what health seekers on Sharecare were interested in this week.

1. Get It On! Want to heat things up in the bedroom? Step one: Use your words. Step two: Don’t wait until you get behind closed doors! According to Sharecare sexpert Ian Kerner, the lovin’ can start long before the lights go down. Learn how to make your sex life sizzle.

2. Are You Too Fat? According to the Honor Society of Nursing (STTI), 34% of American adults are obese. When do a few extra pounds add up to a serious health problem? And could you be at risk? Take the quiz to test your knowledge.

3. Zit Myths Debunked: Can toothpaste really treat acne? How about rubbing alcohol? And people with acne should never use moisturizer – right? RealAge separates zit facts from fiction.

4. Hail to the Red, Purple and Blue! Fruits, that is. Brightly colored foods can provide benefits from staving off cancer to keeping your heart healthy. That’s thanks to compounds called anthocyanins that give berries, grapes and other fruits their appealing color, says the Dole Nutrition Institute. Learn the health benefits of anthocyanins.

5. Fire Up Your Diet Resolve: Need a little push to get your weight loss efforts back on track? Get helpful tips and read inspiring stories about real people like you who are meeting their weight-loss goals. Visit the Sharecare Weight Loss Success Center.

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