Sharecare Top 5: Spring Allergy Remedies

Spring has sprung! That means warmer weather, sunnier skies and – for those of us poor souls who suffer from seasonal allergies – sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Allergy symptoms are your body’s overreaction to things that aren’t normally harmful, such as pollen, grass or weeds. If you’ve struggled through spring in the past, try these five steps to avoid being struck down by allergy symptoms this year.

1. Eat Your Veggies (But Peel and Cook ‘Em First): Certain foods such as apples, peaches, carrots or celery can make seasonal allergy symptoms worse. In this video, allergy specialist Clifford Bassett, MD, offers tips that can help prevent that pesky itchiness in your mouth or throat.

2. Consider Butterbur: This herbal remedy has proven to be just as effective, with fewer side effects, as some leading allergy medications, says Sharecare expert Peter Bongiorno, ND. Check with your doctor first before trying it.

3. Nix Bad Habits: It may sound crazy, but seemingly unrelated things like smoking, not getting enough sleep and even snacking on too many cheese doodles can make seasonal allergies worse. Check out these 5 simple changes that can help. 

4. Assess Your Symptoms: If your allergy symptoms are getting the best of you, it’s time to take action. Take the RealAge Seasonal Allergies Assessment to find out how to check pollen counts in your area, how to reduce your symptoms, and if you should see an allergist.

5. Test Your Allergy Smarts: Take our Seasonal Allergies Quiz to learn even more simple steps you can take to avoid the headaches – literally – that come with seasonal allergies. For more tips on allergy symptoms, treatment and support, visit Sharecare’s Allergies Center.