What if Alzheimer’s Disease Could Be Prevented? Join Challenge 66 Today to Help

Did you know that every 66 seconds a brain develops Alzheimer’s disease? Maria Shriver has made it her mission to find out why this happens, ever since her father, Sargent…


Am I Normal? (And Other Crucial Questions)

  Written by Art Markman, PhD Television is inspiring because it brings you into contact with the extraordinary. You get to watch stories and dramas that tell us about heroes…


3 Nutrients You Might Need More Of

One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is to keep track of and monitor Americans’ nutritional intake. Periodically, the CDC will release new…

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Chewing Over Whether Smart Gum and Nootropics Are a Good Idea

Elisabeth is a 13-time Emmy-winner, a critically acclaimed personal finance author and a 20-year consumer advocate for programs such as Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show. Connect with…

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No Differences Between Men and Women in Memory Region of the Brain

  Have you ever felt that your girlfriends get where you’re coming from while your guy friends are clueless? Stereotypes about men and women have been around for centuries and…

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How a Satisfying Finish Can Skew Your Thinking

What is it you like about a restaurant? Its great appetizers? Its juicy steaks? Or is it maybe whatever you happened to eat last before you left? It’s easy to…

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Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimer’s Tag Team to Destroy Memory

Researchers have been working for decades to unravel the secrets of Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that seems to be linked to the buildup of certain proteins, called Aβ…

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Visualizing Appears to Boost Performance More Than Actual Practice

The old saying goes that practice makes perfect, but new research has started to show that using mental imagery to rehearse what you have to do can help as well….

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Tango Helps Those With Parkinson’s

Learning to tango might seem like a challenge for even the most coordinated of enthusiasts, let alone for people who struggle with everyday movement. But new research released this week…

EEG apparatus

How Your Brain Waves Help You Learn

The brain is a complex information-processing computer that uses a combination of chemical and electrical signals to send and receive information. Neuroscientists and physicians have long observed that you can…