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4 Fast Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Season

As the temperatures go down and the wind picks up, cold and flu start to make its seasonal entrance. It’s estimated that one in three Americans suffer a seasonal cold at…


Flu Vaccine Helps Prevent Dangerous Pneumonias

If you’ve been to the doctor recently, you’ve probably already been asked if you’d like to get your flu shot. While millions of Americans opt for the protection of the…

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The Steps to Take Now to Prevent a Winter Cold Later

It may seem premature to be thinking about the winter and cold and flu season, but now is the ideal time to take actions to avoid getting sick later this…

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Clarifying This Year’s Flu Vaccine

Flu season has arrived, with many regions of the country already seeing a significant uptick in flu cases. I make sure to get vaccinated every year before flu cases appear…


Sharecare Top 5: Immunity Boosters

Cold and flu season is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to stock up on tissues and wait for the inevitable. We’ve got five all-natural prescriptions to boost your…