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How New York City Police Are Taking on the Drug Overdose Epidemic

The drug overdose crisis that has swept across our country affects us all, but some areas have been hit harder than others.  In New York, the borough of Staten Island…

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What Does the Brand New Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction Mean for You?

Today marks the release of the Surgeon General’s landmark report on addiction. Titled “Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report On Alcohol, Drugs, and Health”, it’s the first report…


Philip Seymour Hoffman: The Sad Truth About Addiction and Relapse

When I read via text from a friend, that Philip Seymour Hoffman had died alone in his apartment of an apparent drug overdose, I cried. Though he once said he…


Thoughts on the Marijuana Debate

Today’s show on marijuana is a response to a drastically changing reality with respect to how our society is perceiving and consuming marijuana. While the discussion of medical marijuana has…