Stay Motivated to Get Fit This Summer

Staying motivated in the summer is not an easy task. Most people spend the entire winter in the gym getting prepared to expose their new, fit body in the summer….


Stay Fit Without Overheating

Like a lot of people, I exercise to keep myself healthy and because it makes me feel physically better and mentally less stressed. I’m a competitive triathlete, and I prefer…

Couple on a beach

Sharecare Top 5: It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Beach Body

Beach season has arrived and for some, bulging bellies and flabby thighs may overshadow the excitement of warm weather and sunny skies. If the summer crept up on you before…


Report Reveals Healthiest, Fittest Cities

The American Fitness Index recently came out with their list of America’s healthiest, fittest cities, and the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul, are the winners for the third year in a…

sleeping woman

Help for Insomnia: Rest Easy by Exercising

I know I’m not the first to tell you about the benefits of exercise. I also know I’m not the first to tell you that exercise can do a body…

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Study Shows Yoga Can Lower Blood Pressure

There are many reasons to do yoga – not only is it a great workout, but a recently published study shows that it can lower your blood pressure in six…

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Finding Your Diet and Exercise Type

I see a particular kind of mindset in many of my patients, one that I suspect may be familiar to you. It’s about that dreaded-but-anticipated duo: Diet and exercise. When…


Is Your Doctor Physically Active?

Many physicians argue over the best forms of treatment, but we all agree that regular exercise can save lives. There are literally thousands of studies that show that physical activity…


Use Spring Break to Jumpstart Your Health

Spring is here, which means you and/or your kids may get time away from work or school. I always believe vacations (even stay-cations) are great health boosters because it takes…


Dr. Oz Does the Harlem Shake

This week, Dr. Oz and awesome audience members jumped on the popular Harlem Shake Internet phenomenon. Since the first Harlem Shake video was posted on February 2, over 12,000 Harlem Shake videos…