Anesthesia and Surgery Probably Not Bad for Aging Brains

There have been rumblings in the medical community in the last several years questioning the safety of anesthesia, especially when it comes to the brain. But because the cause of…

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BPA Replacement Has Similar Effects, Risks Still Unclear

Concern in recent years about the health effects of bisphenol A (BPA) have driven the chemical out of many of the plastic goods we use on a daily basis. But…

Pensive blond woman drinking water in her kitchen

How to Make Sure Your Drinking Water Is Safe

Written by The Dr. Oz Show Medical Unit Chief of Staff Michael Crupain, MD, MPH Access to safe and affordable water is considered one of our basic human rights. In…


What You Need to Know About Phage Therapy

  Written by Michael Bohl, Dr. Oz Show Medical Unit On our recent show about antibiotic resistance, our guest talked about how her antibiotic resistant infection had been cured by phage…

Senior Woman Comforting Depressed Husband Sitting On Bench

Public Has Poor Understanding of Dementia, Many Misperceptions

Dementia has become one of the biggest diseases of old age in America. The number of people living and dying with dementia has been on the rise over the past…

Rare Diseases Are Hard to Overcome

Frailty Common in Older Adults Reflects Serious Health Problems

The word “frail” might conjure up images of sick patients in hospital beds, but have you ever thought of a close friend as frail? Or your parents? Or yourself? In…

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Today’s Headlines: Sugary Drinks, Surgery Complications, and Diabetes

Sugary drinks linked to thousands of deaths every year. You probably know that sugary drinks aren’t good for you, but you probably didn’t realize they might lead to death. That’s…

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“Healthy” Fitness Foods May Inspire More Eating, Less Exercise

What was the last healthy snack you had? Can you remember what made you think it was healthy? Food producers put large amounts of time, creativity, and money into designing…

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Today’s Headlines: Diets, Trans Fats and Nuts

Getting on a diet may matter more than which one. When deciding to cut down on your calories, you probably spend a lot of time analyzing which diet would best…

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Cigarette Smoking Leads to Many Kinds of Cancer, Half of Cancer Death

When cancer and smoking come in the same sentence, many people think about lung cancer. This is because lung cancer was the first to be associated with smoking and the…