older woman sleeping

Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimer’s Tag Team to Destroy Memory

Researchers have been working for decades to unravel the secrets of Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that seems to be linked to the buildup of certain proteins, called Aβ…


Today’s Headlines: Contraceptive Pills, Alcohol and Smoking

Some newer forms of birth control pills may carry higher risk of clots. Birth control pills have long been known to slightly increase a woman’s risk for certain types of…

Hip leg pelvis xray

Preventing Hip Fractures Is More About Preventing Falls

If you’re over the age of 65 or have a family member who is, you’ve probably heard about hip fractures. These breaks are far more common in the senior population…


Today’s Headlines: Dense Breasts, Hot Flashes and Exercise

Not all women with dense breasts need extra tests. Dense breast tissue can serve as a barrier to detecting cancer since it can hide growths normally picked up on mammogram….

woman meditating relaxing

Visualizing Appears to Boost Performance More Than Actual Practice

The old saying goes that practice makes perfect, but new research has started to show that using mental imagery to rehearse what you have to do can help as well….


Today’s Headlines: Failing Diets, Smoking and The Dress

When it comes to diets your head might be in it, but your heart probably isn’t. It’s easy to decide you want to go on a diet, but sticking to…

couple relationship problems rejection

Rejection Makes You Spurn New Love, Rather Than Rebound

No one likes rejection and being turned down by someone you like can be a major hit to your ego. Common wisdom has been that being rejected makes you look…


Today’s Headlines: Earworms, Brain Health and Miscarriage Misconceptions

Chewing gum may help get that song out of your head. Catchy tunes can end up playing over and over again in your head, but a group of researchers has…

stressed woman at desk

Study in ICU Nurses Reveals the Power of Mindfulness

Everyone encounters stress over the course of their lives, but some experience it more often than others. Some jobs, like working in the military, certain fields of healthcare or in…


Today’s Headlines: Late Night Snacks, Healthy Eating and Sex

Food reward in the brain varies over the course of the day. It’s common to get hungry for a late-night snack, but a team of researchers has figured out why…