Protect Your Kids from Hidden Hazards at Home

As an ER doctor, I’m often scared (and surprised!) by how many well-meaning parents overlook blatant safety risks in their home–often when they thought they were taking extra precautions. Parenting…

Cute pupils running down the hall at the elementary school

How to Help Your Kid Cope With Back to School Anxiety

Remember setting out your outfit for the first day back to school? You probably felt a mix of excitement, wonder for the year, and a little anxiety. That wasn’t unusual…

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Deadly Window Blinds: A Hidden Hazard in Your Home

Elisabeth is a 13-time Emmy-winner, a critically acclaimed personal finance author and a 20-year consumer advocate for programs such as Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show. Connect with…

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Many Parents Respond Incorrectly When Child Passes Out

It can be terrifying when a child passes out, especially because you often don’t know why and whether or not the child is in serious trouble. But losing consciousness is…

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Why You Should Ban Bumpers From Your Baby’s Room

Crib bumpers, the often colorful padding you wrap around the inside of a baby’s crib, may look like a good idea, but they aren’t. Intended as both a decoration and…