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“Healthy” Fitness Foods May Inspire More Eating, Less Exercise

What was the last healthy snack you had? Can you remember what made you think it was healthy? Food producers put large amounts of time, creativity, and money into designing…


Watch Out, Zucchini: 4 Other Vegetables You Can Spiralize

Zucchini noodles, commonly known as “zoodles,” hit the market running with their pasta-mimicking function. Zoodles replaced traditional noodles without hesitation from the public as their popularity increased among individuals looking for…

Olive oil

How to Get Genuine Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (Plus the 5 Olive Oils That Passed the NCL Test)

After more than 20 years as a consumer reporter, I’m always delighted when I get to cover a topic that’s actually new to me. So when the National Consumers League…

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Soy May Be Protective Against Cancer

The health perspective on soy has been a much debated topic over the past several years. Proponents of soy consumption have pointed out that it’s contains high levels of fiber,…


7 Ways to Promote Kids’ Healthy Body Image and Active Lifestyle

By Dr. Christine Wood, pediatrician and author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great and Love It Sponsored by USANA Health Sciences What foods are ideal for picky eaters?…

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Front-of-Pack Nutrition Symbols: Should You Choose Them or Lose Them?

Picture this: You are standing in the grocery store, two similar items in hand, debating which is the healthier option: one carries a bold “front-of-pack” (FOP) nutrition symbol on the…

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When It Comes to Salt, It’s Not All About Blood Pressure

If you’ve been following the news about salt, you probably know that the debate has gone back and forth about how it affects blood pressure. Early studies indicated that eating…

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Introducing Total Choice: The Easiest Way to Lose Weight

If you’re like the millions of other Americans who have tried The Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, you’re probably about to start February at least a few pounds of lighter…

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Glycemic Index Unhelpful When Food Is Healthy

Glycemic index has quickly become a popular way to judge the sugar content of foods. The index looks at how fast foods increase the amount of sugar in your blood….

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Food Trends That Will Shape Your Diet in 2015

What will nutritionists be buzzing about in 2015? Get ready for beef bone broths, edible food wrappers and foods that fuel a vibrant microbiome. Read on to learn more.