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Rejection Makes You Spurn New Love, Rather Than Rebound

No one likes rejection and being turned down by someone you like can be a major hit to your ego. Common wisdom has been that being rejected makes you look…


Trouble in the Bedroom… With Sleep?

Trouble in the bedroom doesn’t always have to do with sex. Conflicts and incompatibilities related to sleep and your bedmate can have very serious consequences. Snoring, tossing and turning, conflicting…

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6 Tips for Navigating Romantic Relationships When You’re Not at Your Best

For many of us, romantic relationships tend to be by far the most challenging kind of relationships of all. When we are at our best, they can require a lot…


Today’s Headlines: Marriage, Statins and Fries

Marriage may improve cancer survival: A new study suggests that “being married may significantly improve the likelihood of surviving cancer.” The study included more than 700,000 people with a variety…

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Are You Headed for a “Sleep Divorce”?

I read this news story with great interest, as it covers a topic I get asked about a lot: whether it’s a good idea for couples to sleep apart to…

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Exercise for Spousal Arousal and a Bigger Brain

There is only one organ in the body where size matters when it comes to staying young – your brain, and specifically your hippocampus. That’s right, if your hippocampus stays…

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The Love Hormone and Sports: Is Oxytocin the Ultimate Performance Enhancer?

In our YOU: Having a Baby and YOU: Raising Your Child books, Dr. Oz and I talk about how the massive release of the cuddle hormone oxytocin during birth helps…