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How to Be a Mindful Parent When You Are Feeling Stressed

Written by Dr. Claire Nicogossian, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Stress is a part of life and nothing amplifies that emotion more than being a parent. Raising a family is hard work, and…


5 Ways to Feel More Calm Throughout the Day

From an early age, stress has been indoctrinated into our daily lives. We have all been programmed to expect and accept it, starting from school stress at an early age…

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff —Your Mouth Will Thank You!

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Everyone has stress in their lives and that stress takes its toll on nearly every part of our bodies. The stress response is part…


Stop Morning Stress With These Healthy Habits

Do your mornings suck? If mornings at your house resemble Filene’s Running of the Brides or Black Friday morning, then it’s time to get a handle on it. The best…

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An ER Doc’s Tips for Keeping Your Cool

I’ll never forget the day I learned the meaning of stress in the emergency room (ER). A massive multicar accident brought in many patients, pulling away the other ER doctors…

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3 Ways to Slow Down Time

Last week was a blur. I don’t remember any of it and found myself asking, “Is it Sunday again already?” As a mom, watching my daughter’s toddlerhood sometimes seems like…


5 Ways to Find Happiness in the Chaos

Some women launch record-breaking social media campaigns. Some volunteer in Haiti. Some raise three children — while they’re launching their own business, finding time to exercise and (even!) meditate. Danica…

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Keeping Your Outlook Positive May Keep Anxiety at Bay

A brief glance at your to-do list may be enough to send your sense of anxiety soaring, but what you find upsetting is actually a complex interplay between different parts…

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How to Pause, Rest, and Reset

In addition to making dietary, herbal, and daily routine recommendations, Ayurvedic practitioners also give behavioral rasayanas. These are recommendations that prolong life and increase vitality. Behavioral rasayanas are ideas, habits, and…

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Stressed Out? Don’t Fall Into These 8 Common Traps of Negative Thinking

When you’re dealing with stress, it’s easy to think in distorted ways, and this often leads to the pitfalls of negative thinking. We’ve all engaged in this before, but the…