Myth or Fact: “Breaking the Seal”

Why do you pee? Where does it come from? Your first thought may be your bladder; however, your kidneys are the urine machines of your body. They are arguably one of the most important organs in your body. By making urine, your kidneys filter toxins from the body, regulate your blood pressure, and maintain your electrolyte levels. Respect them and they’ll respect you.

Understanding the kidneys is also vital to understanding the concept of “breaking the seal,” per @NimTwitty’s question on Twitter:

NimTwitty ‏@NimTwitty
is it a myth that when you first urinate after you start drinking that you “break the seal”? My bladder says “truth”.

It’s true. Alcohol inhibits a hormone in the brain that helps your body retain fluid. This hormone is called antidiuretic hormone, or ADH; ADH tells your kidneys to absorb more water from your urine. Without it, the extra water in your urine goes rogue and ends up in your bladder. So drinking results in lower levels of ADH, which makes you urinate more. Make sure to drink plenty of water while drinking alcoholic beverages to prevent dehydration.

Also, the same effect happens when you drink caffeinated beverages, like coffee or tea, so make sure to hydrate with water while drinking your morning cup of joe!