The 30-Day Clean Detox Diet: Your Questions Answered!

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On Monday’s show, we discussed the Clean Detox Diet created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, which includes 10 important detox foods. According to Dr. Junger, if you follow this plan, you could lose up to 10 pounds within a month’s time. Your questions marked #OzAnswers came flooding in. While I got so many great questions, I couldn’t answer them all. However, you can still leave your questions at Let’s get started:


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This is a 30-day detox, so you wouldn’t have to give up on alcohol or cheese forever. This time of 30 days, Dr. Junger believes, allows for your body to rid itself of toxins before you go back to your old diet and habits.

However, if you like certain aspects of the detox, like the shakes, coconut milk, or gluten-free diet changes, keep them after the 30 days as you bring back foods that you’ve missed.

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There are tons of clean vegetarian recipes that you can use. For more ideas and for tips on making vegetarian or vegan modifications to the Clean Cleanse Diet, visit

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Make sure to talk with your physician about starting any diet plan first. Although this diet serves to cleanse your body and make it healthier, some medications may require you to make certain diet modifications – like taking meals at certain times of the day with your medication. This especially applies if you take insulin.

Also, do not conduct the clean detox if you have active cancer, liver disease, hepatitis, type 1 diabetes, or are on medications for bipolar disorder. Making such a drastic change to your diet is too much of a risk to your health. However, you could drink more tea, eat more fiber-rich foods, or cut down on red meat, like beef or pork.

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I admire that you want to eat healthier; however, Dr. Junger and I don’t recommend the Clean Detox diet for those who are pregnant or nursing. It can halt vital proteins and fats that your 2-year-old and 7-month-old require for proper bone, muscle and brain development. The best way to eat healthier while breastfeeding is to consult your physician regarding nutrients and vitamin supplements.

However, as I suggested to Rebecca earlier, you can augment certain parts of your diet, like drinking more tea, eating more greens or using coconut milk.

Thank you for your questions! Let me know how the 30-Day Detox Cleanse works for you!