You Wanted to Know: Energy Boosters

It’s hard to stay motivated throughout the workday. You may feel tempted to reach for that energy drink; however, not only are they high in sugar or artificial sweeteners, the high caffeine content can be dangerous. For that reason, I’m going to share five natural and effective energy boosters:

1. My No-Bake Energy Bars: These easy-to-make bars are a power combo of protein, fiber and antioxidants. You can make a week’s worth in only 15 minutes! Get the full recipe.

2. Kiwi: Not only does it have twice the potassium of a banana and twice the vitamin C of an orange, a kiwi also has 2.5 grams of fiber, which keeps you full and prevents energy lows when you’re hungry. The simple sugars will quickly give you a rush of energy, and the fiber will keep you satiated. Try for two kiwi a day, which adds up to only 100 calories and all the energy you’ll need to get through those long meetings. The simplest thing to do is to slice one in half and scoop it out with a spoon.

3. Popcorn: The complex carbohydrates of popcorn will give you the energy you want without the crash. Sprinkle on some brewer’s yeast to add protein and nutrients. At only 25 cents per serving, this snack will save you time and money!

4. Oat Straw Extract: It’s an all-natural energy booster with no sugar or caffeine, which means no mid-day crash. Researchers have also found that oat straw may expand the arteries in your brain so more blood pumps through it. It has a subtle taste, which is hardly noticeable. Try two teaspoons in your coffee or juice in the morning.

5. Rhodiola: One of nature’s best energy builders, rhodiola helps multiply your energy molecules, giving you a boost throughout the day. Start with 100 mg every day to keep your energy up. If you’re still in a slump, try 200 mg a day.

In addition to energy-boosting snacks, don’t forget to find time to center yourself with some light music or meditation. Perhaps that fatigue you’re feeling is stress in disguise? Transcendental meditation has kept me centered for years. Learn more about it here.