4 Ways to Have a Healthy Morning

Going for a jog in the forest

Every morning, before I head into my office, check in at the hospital, or arrive at the studio to tape The Dr. Oz Show, there are a few habits and rituals I try to follow that help me kick off my days with my best foot forward. Even if I can’t get to them all I find that incorporating at least one or two of these can set the day forward in a healthy, positive motion. Here’s what keeps me going past that mid-morning slump and how you can adapt these easy strategies for yourself.

Get Your Workout in Early

I love to get moving first thing in the morning with a workout routine that I can do at home or outdoors when the weather cooperates. Whether I’m doing pull-ups, going for a run, or stretching out with yoga, exercising helps warm up my joints and sets a positive tone for the rest of my busy day ahead. It’s the one health rule I always try to stick to.

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Limber Up

Stretching helps me prevent an injury, release tension, and alleviate any back pain I may have. It’s a great way to improve blood flow and circulation and lower blood pressure, helping me de-stress and relax as I head out the door.

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Hydrate With Lemon Water

Six to eight hours of restorative sleep can dehydrate the body so I like to treat myself to a glass of warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice once I’m up. It takes just seconds to prepare and gives me a nice little vitamin C and immune boost to start my day. Plus, I love the zing and it’s an easy way to fight flavor fatigue.

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Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

One of my go-to morning meals is a Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries and oats that’s packed with protein, vitamins, and a serving of whole grains. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll wash leafy greens and prepare the ingredients the night before for a fiber-rich green drink or vitamin cocktail smoothie so I can blend up my breakfast in mere minutes the next day.

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