Today’s Headlines: Acupuncture, Newborns and Antidepressants

Acupuncture as good as counseling for depression: study: After three months of acupuncture treatment, one in three patients with moderate to severe depression was no longer depressed, a new study reports. This outcome suggests that acupuncture may be as effective as counseling at treating depression. In contrast, only one out of five people who received neither counseling nor acupuncture improved. (Reuters)

Researchers explain why moms want to ‘gobble up’ babies: Ever felt like a baby was so cute you just wanted to gobble it up? Turns out that odd impulse may originate in the brain and could have “biological underpinnings related to maternal functions.” Scientists have discovered that in both new mothers and women without children, the smell of a new baby triggers reward circuits similar to satisfying food cravings or even “an addict receiving his drug.” (National Monitor)

Anti-depressants ‘linked to type 2 diabetes’: A new study suggests that people taking antidepressants may be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes, though there is “no proof that one necessarily caused the other.” By analyzing 22 studies, the researchers found that antidepressant use is an independent risk factor for diabetes, but could not pinpoint a particular class of drug as high risk. The study’s authors theorize that the weight gain that is a common side effect of some antidepressants may contribute toward diabetes development, or the drugs “may interfere with blood sugar control.” (BBC News)