3 Easy Ways to Have a Safer Night’s Sleep


Getting a better night’s sleep is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions of 2019. And one little-discussed part of a better night’s sleep is safety. However, search for “safer night’s sleep” and all the internet returns is a bunch of articles about putting babies to sleep on their backs. Too bad, because there are several steps adults can take to have a safer night’s sleep and if you know you’re sleeping more safely, chances are you’ll sleep more soundly.


The Difference Between Being Sleepy and Fatigued (And Why It Matters)

Rubbing the eyes

Written by Dr. Daniel A. Barone

Are you tired? Let’s dig a little deeper…

Imagine going to a sleep specialist, neurologist, psychiatrist, or any doctor for that matter, and complain of feeling “tired.” Seems straightforward, right? Unfortunately, the word “tired” has several possible meanings, and the way I like to break them down is as follows: “Do you feel sleepy?” or “Do you feel fatigued?”