Sharecare Top 5: 4 Foods Your Brain Loves, the Perils of Not Flossing, and More

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1. Tasty, healthy foods don’t just nourish your body, they can keep your brain sharp, too. Discover four foods that boost brainpower .

2 If you’re like most people, you’ve got the whole brush-your-teeth-daily thing down, but you’re probably not as diligent when it comes to flossing. Is it really that bad for your oral health? Find out what this orthodontist has to say.

3. The rates of dangerous skin cancers like melanoma have tripled over the last 50 years. Learn about the latest treatments, prevention tips – and the one thing you must know to protect your skin.

4. You’d be amazed at what a little weekly yoga can do for your overall wellness, especially when it comes to keeping your ticker and mental health in tip top shape. Get the scoop from Mehmet Oz, MD and Mike Roizen, MD.

5. The scary truth is that many people who need to use an asthma inhaler or epinephrine pen don’t know how to do so correctly. Watch this video to learn the right way to use these life-saving these devices.

The FDA Gives Nutrition Labels a Makeover


The familiar nutrition label which appears on packaged foods has existed for more than 20 years. Now, the label is getting a makeover: A new “Added Sugars” line shows hidden sugars. The “Calories from fat” line has been dropped, and serving sizes have been adjusted to match what people typically eat (as opposed to what they should ideally consume). Take a look at the biggest adjustments to the label in the infographic above, courtesy of The new version of the label will show up in a grocery store near you in July 2018.

Sharecare Top 5: 6 Weird Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, Your Brain on Sugar, Back-Friendly Exercises, and More

Sporty woman drinking detox smoothie

Sporty woman drinking detox smoothie

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1. You’ve ditched your bad diet habits, but the scale still won’t budge – what gives? Find out if any of these reasons are causing your weight loss dry spell.

2. Have you ever joked that you’re addicted to sugar? You could be for real. Emergency medicine physician Darria Long Gillspie, MD, explains how your brain fuels your craving for the sweet stuff — and three things you can do to stop it.

3. Strong back muscles can help reduce your risk for lower back pain, injuries and accidents. Discover which exercises a physician recommends for a sturdier back.

4. Nicer weather means more time outside – and more exposure to potentially harmful UV rays that could lead to skin cancer. Here’s everything you need to know to protect your skin this summer.

5. Do your hands ever feel numb and tingly? Find out what an orthopedic surgeon says   about when the sensation is normal and when it could signal a health problem that needs your doctor’s attention.

Sharecare Top 5: What to Do If You Think You’re Having a Heart Attack, How Sleeping in Makeup Wrecks Your Skin, and More

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Lead your healthiest life with these wellness tips and tricks from

1. Would you know what to do if you or a loved one had a heart attack? Find out how to recognize the signs – and learn life-saving ways to get help fast.

2. You probably know that sleeping with makeup isn’t the best idea – but you may not know how badly it can damage and age your skin. Get the facts – and find out the right way to wash your face.

3. Are you always exhausted? If it seems like you’re chronically tired, it may be more than a busy schedule. Learn what may be causing your fatigue, and what you can do to feel less drained.

4. If you were to name some sugary foods, you might add soda, cookies and ice cream to your list. But surprisingly, some “healthy” foods have more sugar than a glazed doughnut! To stay on the healthy path, steer clear of these sneaky foods with shockingly high amounts of added sugar.

5. If you have bladder problems, you’re far from alone. And you may, in fact, curtail social and other activities for fear of embarrassing leaks. Discover what’s behind three common bladder problems – and find out what you can do to get relief.

Sharecare Top 5: Put Insomnia to Bed, Weird Spots for Skin Cancer, and More


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1. If you suffer from insomnia, the frustration of watching the hours tick by in the middle of the night is almost as bad as your exhaustion the next day. Check out these eight med-free ways to finally get start getting some ZZZs.

2. Have you been checking the usual spots for skin cancer – like your face, arms and legs? Whether you are or aren’t (and we recommend you do!) be sure to add these easy-to-miss spots to your list.

3. After a long day with the kids or at the office, there may be nothing you want more than to relax with a glass of wine. But many people over pour that drink. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, shares her take on the recommended amount of wine to drink for the most health benefits – and how much may be too much.

4. Several well-known triggers, like pollen and mold, can aggravate asthma – but did you know that stress could have an impact, too? Discover how, plus tips to help you stress less.

5. You’ve most likely heard about Elizabethkingia — rare disease that’s infected dozens and claimed over 20 lives in the Midwest. Here’s what you need to know about this mysterious illness that has many health officials baffled.

Sharecare Top 5: Kick Off Your Summer Slim Down, Prevent Tick Bites, Warning Signs Your Child Has Vision Problems, and More

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1. Summer’s right around the corner — which means so is bathing suit season. Click through our slideshow to get quick tips on how to shed those stubborn pounds.

2. If you spend time outdoors – and who doesn’t? – you may find yourself in contact with ticks. Get the 411 on symptoms to watch for if you’re bitten by a tick – plus ways to avoid these woodsy critters.

3. Good vision is crucial for a child’s education and development, but up to 60% of school vision screenings can miss kids with eye problems. Here’s how to spot whether your child has trouble seeing clearly.

4. A new study shows that one-third of Americans with high LDL cholesterol do nothing to treat it. If you fall into that category, these simple lifestyle tweaks can help get your cholesterol levels into the healthy range.

5. Arthritis in the hands and wrists can make the simplest everyday activities challenging. If you or a loved one suffers from arthritis, these five hand exercises can help ease aches and improve range of motion.

Sharecare Top 5: 7 Office Health Hazards to Avoid, Causes of Cancer That Aren’t Smoking, and More

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1. Americans spend a large chunk of their time at work, but just because it’s a familiar environment doesn’t mean it’s hazard-free. Whether eyestrain from long days on the computer or back problems from slipping on a wet floor in the break room, take precaution with these tips.

2. When you think of lung cancer, do you automatically assume that smoking is the cause? While that’s understandable, up to 20% of people with lung cancer are nonsmokers. Discover four things that can cause the disease that aren’t smoking-related – and how you can avoid them.

3. You’ve heard the healthy-eating-spiel for weight loss a million times before, but bet you haven’t heard that a good diet can slash your risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Discover how, plus which foods to put on your grocery list – and which to ditch.

4. Kids love coloring but, believe it or not, that same fun past time can work wonders for your health, too. Here are four reasons to pick up those crayons.

5. While the primary use of activity trackers may be to help users get in shape, that’s not all these wearable devices can do. Find out how one man’s doctors used the Fitbit on his wrist to treat his heart problem more effectively.

Sharecare Top 5: Beat Spring Allergy Sniffles and Sneezes, 5 Ways Your Job May Be Hurting Your Health, and More

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Outdoor. Freedom concept. Beauty Girl

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Outdoor. Freedom concept. Beauty Girl

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1. It’s that time of year again: The flowers are blooming — and so are your spring allergies. But you don’t have to suffer all season long. Check out these 6 ways to put the brakes on spring allergy symptoms — starting today.

2. Workaholics, listen up! From over-the-top stress and anxiety to increased risk of heart attack, your health may be taking a toll if you work long hours. Discover how else your health may suffer, and get tips to improve your work-life balance.

3. Trying to get those blood pressure numbers down — but not really sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Find out how these 7 BP-friendly habits can help get hypertension under control.

4. Would you know what to do if a friend or loved one had a stroke? Would you know what to do if you were having one? Learn how to recognize the signs and get a doctor’s advice on fast-thinking moves that could save a life — including your own.

5. You already know which foods are unhealthy — but some are worse than others, especially if they contain one of these three ingredients. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, explains why — and how to suss them out on labels.

Sharecare Top 5: Dinners Under 600 Calories, Strength Training for Beginners, and More

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Find out what has Sharecare members buzzing this week:

1. If you’ve tried on your swimsuit lately (we have!) and are a bit concerned (um, yes) – here’s help: 8 delicious dinner recipes that are easy on the calories, easy on your waistline – and super easy to make.

2. Become a leaner, stronger you! Join this newbie-friendly, Strength Training Challenge with how-tos from celebrity trainer David Buer. You can even cut 13 days off your RealAge!

3. Ladies, did you know you could have worse complications following a heart attack than men? Discover more facts about heart attacks in women, plus ways to reduce your risk.

4. What can you do about puffy eyes? Try these quick fixes from a top derm doc and you’ll be out the door without the baggage in a flash.

5. Nobody likes to sweat – but it’s critical to our body’s ability to stay cool. Discover five down and dirty facts about sweat – what’s normal, what’s not, and what to do about it.

Sharecare Top 5: Fit in Fitness During Pollen Season, The No.1 Cancer Killer in Women, 4 Health Habits You Can Take Too Far, and More


Learn how live your healthiest life with this week’s news and tips from Sharecare:

1. Did you know that drinking too much water could actually be bad for you? Or that sleeping in on weekends can increase your risk of certain diseases? Discover how these and other seemingly healthy habits could sabotage your health.

2. Here are six daily sex tips you won’t want to miss! In this boost-your-sex-life-challenge, sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, offers simple, creative ways to break out of a libido limbo.

3. Ladies, you’ve heard about the risk factors of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers – but this silent killer has taken over as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women. Find out what it is – and ways to lower your risk.

4. Are you ready to bag your outdoor workouts, thanks to pollen bringing on seasonal allergy symptoms? Discover what you can do to cut down on the itchy eyes and runny nose – and still enjoy exercising outside.

5. Feel like you have no time – or energy – to make a family dinner or pull together some healthy school snacks for the kids? A well-stocked pantry can come to the rescue in a pinch. Here are six essentials you can’t do without.